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Mourning or day gecko egg laying tube

Mourning or day gecko egg laying tube

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This is a small, green tube with a suction cup attached. Used for breeding mourning geckos and smaller day geckos with them - they love to lay eggs in the tube, which is easy to remove and place in a plastic deli cup for incubation. The opening of the tube is 1/2" with a length of 3.5". Always remember that when moving the eggs, they need to stay in the same orientation to prevent the babies from drowning. The deli cup will most likely need to be laid on its side (deli cup not included).

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Item includes 2 tubes with suction cups. I will also include a black "film canister" type just in case your geckos prefer the darker container. Mine use both, the green and black but seem to prefer the green ones.

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